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Tiera Lavin Turner - CEO of T Style Graphics

A dynamic designer who revamps and blows new energy in Brands.   

Tiera has an exceptional eye for detail, an uncanny sense of humor, and dedication for brand success. She infuses color and design very attractively, telling the story of a brand in one image.  

She truly is a master of storytelling without using words!

Tiera graduated from the University of Phoenix with a degree focus of Business Administration. Later in 2019, she graduated from Specs Howard School of Media Arts in Graphic Design Studies.  


Before her diploma in Graphic design, she was extremely invested in the art and was self-learning while working for various clients until she was ready to embark on her freelance journey full time.

She then founded TSG, T Style Graphics, and there has been no stopping her since then. She enjoys being an entrepreneur; not only is it in her blood, but she also enjoys being the boss and total control of what she is doing. 

She is proud of her work, especially the time and energy working for causes like autism awareness, rebranding and designing for start ups and large businesses.  

The impact her hard work, energy, and design have on creating and revamping the brands, makes her heart swell with pride, and she moves on to the next project with brighter energy.



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